The ever Elusive Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby

Recently we returned from South Australia a little known part of the country that actually is the least visited state in all of Oz. While we were there, everyone asked us where else we were going during our stay and when we replied, “Nowhere,” They immediately asked “Why?” Locals and tourists alike were surprised that we weren’t going to the more flashy states of Queensland or New South Whales. It turns out that South Australia has plenty to do. By the time we left the country, we discussed with each other and tour operators that South Australians should take more pride in their state. It is beautiful and it has everything that one could want to see and do when visiting Australia.

We visited the Outback of the Southern Flinders Ranges, swam with dolphins in Baird Bay, dove with Great White Sharks in Port Lincoln, tasted wine in the Barrosa Valley, discovered Kangaroos and Koalas on Kangaroo Island and witnessed this rare species at Wilpena Pound.

This is the Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby of South Australia.

A Wallaby is closely related to the Kangaroo and the Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby is a rare site to see as it is listed on the endangered list, but this little guy stuck around just long enough for Dave to snap this beautiful shot.

When the driver stopped our van, Dave and I jumped out first to snap a shot of him. We know how quickly animals can move away when humans enter the area and we were right. By the time the rest of our group got out of the van, it had already scurried deeper into the rocks.

So the lesson of today is, be quick with your camera and ready for the moment.

This was the only Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby we saw during our entire time in South Australia.

So today marks the beginning of our South Australia coverage. We hope that you enjoy reading about it as much as we did visiting it.

A big thank you to the South Australia Tourism Board for helping discover these hidden Gems in Oz.

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Is that the cover of a Midnight Oil Album?

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  1. Megan

    I’ve always had a soft spot for SA. Mainly because of Woodruff lemonade and Yoyo biscuits. But also because it’s a beautiful state!

  2. Salika Jay

    Beautiful shot! The wallaby looks so cute. I can’t tell the difference between the wallaby and kangaroo if not for wallaby’s yellow ears, hands and legs.

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  5. Preston McGee

    South Australia is a must visit place if you want a Safari-like experience. It is now a booming in popularity and starting to attract many visitors all around the world.

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  7. Barbara

    This is indeed a beautiful shot! SA is on our bucket list and as you mentioned we will have our cameras ready for the moment!

  8. Roberto

    I think you’re correct in saying SA doesn’t make the cut for most tourists,but I suggest this is mainly due to the fact that Australia is so far away for most people and they only visit once and tend to head for the better known areas between Melbourne and Brisbane. Unless you’re in the know I believe must tourists only visit to see friends/family or go for the cricket.

    1. debndave Post author

      Good point. when a country is huge, you have to pick and choose. Just like Canada. Haha, I didn’t know that most people only go to cricket.

  9. Compass

    It is simply lovely. Australia is one of my favorite travel destination around the world. soon I will also catch up there.

  10. Sam @

    I’m glad you loved SA! We are based here and LOVE south Australia, it has so much to offer and yet it is always forgotten in peoples trips to Oz!

    Did you see any yellow footed wallabies in the Flinders? We had lunch with 2 while we were in the flinders – that was very entertaining!

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