The Three Tenors of Antarctica

Who doesn’t love a penguin?

They are so adorable in their little tuxedos! When you put three of them together, you’ve got a trio of cuteness. These guys reminded me of the Three Tenors, they looked like they were on a serious mission. Were they late for the Opera?

We could watch penguins race and waddle all day long in Antarctica and this is a shot of three of them walking on the penguin highway. Penguins live on land and sometimes very far away from the water, so getting out to the ocean to feed can be difficult. Instead of staggering and stumbling through deep snow each day, they make paths in the snow and follow each other in single file.

Three Tenors of Antarctica

Penguins walking together in Antarctica

Three Tenors of Antarctica – The Penguin Version

While we were in Antarctica, we had to keep an eye out for penguins and look both ways before we ever crossed a highway. Actually, we avoided crossing any at all when possible. In Antarctica it is important not to interfere with wildlife and to keep their environment as natural as possible. But there is a little bit of a problem, penguins aren’t afraid of humans and they’ll walk by you without giving you a second look.

Penguin on a Mission

When penguins are on a mission to get to the water, they’re not keeping an eye out for anyone or anything. Some penguins come tumbling down the hill so fast, they could almost run into you; Others may catch your eye and turn around to go in the opposite direction while some may come right up to you to check out this strange creature in a big yellow jacket.

So remember when crossing the penguin highway, always give penguins the right of way.

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