Paris at night: A Photo Story

Paris at Night is beautiful

Unfortunately they turn all of the lights off on the monuments and bridges at Midnight. Considering it doesn’t get dark until 10:30pm it doesn’t give one much of a chance to get a lot of shots of Paris in one night. As we rushed around to everything that was close to us I realized the next time we are in Paris at night I have to dedicate more than one night to this elegant city to do it justice. Below are some photo’s that I made of Notre Dame, The Latin Quarter, The Pont Neuf and the Eiffel Tower.

I think it will inspire everyone to go out and see Paris at night.


The Latin Quarter at Night


Notre Dame at Night in Paris


A Night Time View of the Eiffel Tower


Pont Neuf Bridge, Paris


Napoleon Bridge, Night Shot Paris


Hotel La Samaritain on River Seine

Paris-Night-France-Fountain-St Michel

St Michel Fountain, Paris


Eiffel Tower

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