Kenya Wins

It was in 2008 that we took a litte trip and cycled from Cairo to Cape Town in Africa. Four months and 12,000 km later, we arrived at the southern tip of South Africa accomplishing a trip of a lifetime. But one thing was missing.

In 2008, Kenya was going through civil unrest and as we cycled through Ethiopia to the Kenya border, we heard rumours that we may not be allowed to enter the country. Once we reached the border town of Moyale, it was confirmed. We could not cycle through Kenya. So we loaded onto a bus back to Addis Ababa and flew to Tanzania.

Four Years later we have the opportunity to visit Kenya again thanks to our readers and Expedia. A couple of weeks ago, we gave you some options and asked you where we should travel next. The choices were Peru, India, Hawaii and Kenya.

Kenya Wins!

kenya wins readers choice poll

Kenya came out the winner of the poll with Hawaii a very close second. We’ll be going on safari, a proper safari. When we cycled Africa, we went on a safari in Chobe National Park in Botswana, but we never did see a Lion, a Zebra or even a giraffe. When we had the opportunity to safari in Tanzania, we climbed Mount Kilimanjaro instead. It was a moment we’ll never forget, but every once in a while we say to ourselves, “maybe we should have gone on a quick safari afterwards instead of flying to Zanzibar.”

We saw a lot fo elephants and camels throughout our trip down Africa, but we didn’t see the spectacular wildlife that people think about when visiting the continent. Now we’ll get our chance.

elephant in africa

We Saw a lot of Elephants in Africa

We’ll be leaving for Kenya some time in November and are in the planning stages for the tour right now. We’ll keep you posted on our itinerary and if you have any suggestions we’re happy to hear them.

Have you been to Kenya? Where’s your favourite place to go on safari?

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