ThePlanetD took a sponsored tour to China with Intrepid Travel Over a three month Campaign, they received over 20,000 page views. Intrepid Travel was so happy with the results, they collaborated 2 more times where they were a sponsor for The Mongol Rally and they gave a trip away to one of ThePlanetD readers.  These collaborations were so successful that 1 year later they have officially partnered with them as full sponsors for the brand. Intrepid Travel understands the power of social media and online influence and ThePlanetD proved to them throughout the other campaigns that travel blogs can reach a wide and engaged audience.

China at Night, A Photo Story
Responsible Tourism with Intrepid Travel
The Great Wall of China

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great-wall-of-china forbidden-city-china

Chairman Mao Gate, Beijing at Night

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Grand China with Intrepid Travel

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Shanghai Skyline at Night – Photography

Hot Cupping, Therapy or Just Pain?

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Rock Climbing in Yangshuo, China

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