In the Footsteps of Velvet Escape…We’re Taking a Break

See you in a few Days!

It is the long weekend here in Canada and we thought what better time to take a few days off from the website.

We were inspired earlier this summer by Keith at Velvet Escape. He disappeared for a few days.  He didn't tweet, facebook or blog.  It is a difficult thing to do as a travel blogger, but sometimes it needs to be done. And we thought, if an excellent successful guy like Keith can take a few days off, we can too!

Well, Not Quite…

Dave and I are NOT going to the cottage or on a canoe trip to Algonquin Park. Unfortunately we won't be camping in the wilderness or taking a weekend getaway. No we will be sequestered inside working on the upcoming events that are happening over the next few weeks.

Busy as Canadian Beavers!

Things have been really hairy this past month.  We arrived back from St. Kitts and Dave went directly to work on a month long television pilot.  One and a half weeks are finally over, but we have fallen gravely behind on many important tasks.  I went out to work for him for two days and while it was a ton of fun! I didn't get a lot of work done online.


We are taking part in three speaking engagements starting this Wednesday.  Two are multimedia slideshow presentations at Mountain Equipment Co-Op and Intrepid Travel that we need to edit, write and rehearse and one is the very popular Meet Plan Go an event taking place in 13 countries across Canada and the United States.

We have two photography tours to lead that we have to scout out, plan and market and we have some products to review and test drive. We have lunch meetings, dinner meetings, breakfast meeting and skype meetings to do.

Where will we find the time?

We think that if we take 3 whole days away from social marketing, writing blog posts and virtually unplugging from the Internet, we just may be able to come back from the long weekend refreshed, caught up and ready to take on the autumn months with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

So, to everyone, have an awesome Labour Day Weekend and we will see you next week!

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