Humpback Whale Breaching in Antarctica

It was another gorgeous day in Antarctica and like much of our time down there, when things happened, they happened in a spectacular fashion. A whale breaching is a rare sight, a whale breaching for 40 minutes and treating 107 spectators to a show is downright unheard of.  Just when we thought the day couldn’t get any better, we had the honour of watching this humpback whale breach over and over again beside our ship The Sea Spirit.


A humpback whale breaches in Antarctica

Much of the staff had never seen something like this before and it was a special moment to see the excitement between both the passengers and the expedition team from Quark Expeditions. Expedition leader Shane stated over the PA that he had only witnessed a whale breaching for this long once before and other team members stated that this was a first for them as well.

Nobody knows why a whale breaches. It take a tremendous amount of energy and it is normally performed by a calf. This whale had its nearby. It could be to burn off extra energy, it could be to relieve a scratch on its back, whatever it may be it is a beautiful spectacle to see.

We were honoured to have moments like this regularly during our time in Antarctica and we were humbled by the beauty and power of nature that we witnessed every day.


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