So you’ve roughed it for the past two weeks trekking through the Himalayas. You went for days without a shower, you braved the cold and carried your heavy pack. Your legs burned as you climbed steep mountains and you suffered greatly at high altitudes.

rest after everest base camp trek

I need a rest!

What better way to reward yourself when you get back to Kathmandu than to have a deep tissue massage and steam bath or sauna.
Dave and I love massages. When we travel, we pamper ourselves regularly after our adventures. We love to take part in strenuous activities, but we love recovering from an epic trek even more. Massages around the world are so cheap compared to Canada and we take advantage of the deals as much as we can.
We always say to each other “This is what it is like to be rich. Rich people must always have a massage and they probably have steam baths and sauna’s right in their house!” If I were rich, I would have a massage every other day.

Ah, to pretend to live life like the other half. I could get used to it.

pollution in Kathmandu

The pollution was killing us!

We both were feeling pretty ill during our time in Kathmandu. The pollution is out of control and we couldn’t shake our coughs, our aches and our feelings of lethargy.
It was time for a pick me up and a message was just the ticket.
We saw signs advertising The Himalaya Retreat Spa everywhere and decided to check it out. A restaurant that we ate at the night before had a sign stating that a massage and sauna was on special for 1200 Rupees. Not a bad deal.

2 Hours of decadence for $16!

Other places were advertising 1600 Rupees. Unfortunately the restaurant had an old flyer and we found out that their rate was fixed at 1600. We hummed and hawed a bit after they informed us that 1200 Rupees was the old price, but we must have looked desperate because she decided to give us a discount. We ended up paying 1250 Rupees each.  Anything is negotiable in Asia.
We opted for a shiatsu massage and steam bath.

going to the spa in Kathmandu

The waiting room was very comfortable!

This place offers Thai, Ayurveda and Shiatsu. We have tried the other two, so it was time for some deep muscle therapy with Shiatsu.
The spa is very clean and comfortable. The waiting area is elegant and tastefully decorated with leather sofa’s, dark coffee tables, water cooler and magazines.
We changed into the flip flops, t-shirts and fisherman pants provided and they led us upstairs where two gentlemen pressed and kneaded away our aches and pains.
The hour went by quickly and we felt totally rejuvenated and ready for our steam bath.
It was heaven to relax in the hot steam feeling our lungs and sinuses clear. We stayed in for as long as possible until our fingers started to prune.

enjoying a steam bath in Kathmandu

Just coming out of the Steambath!

Nice hot Showers at spa in Kathmandu

Nice hot Showers!

The great bonus at the Himalaya Retreat Spa is the hot showers. It was great to be able to rinse and wash after the bath in clean and comfort.  It is rare in countries like Nepal that you get the comforts of home, but we felt like we were at a spa that you would find in Canada.

There was even a scale in the dressing room where we could marvel at the weight we had lost on the Everest Base Camp trek.

We forgot where we were for a couple of hours and it was heavenly.

Once we finished, we stepped out into the bright sun and made our way to an overpriced coffee shop just to keep the decadence going.

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  1. Trisha Miller

    I think it’s really important to reward yourself after a great accomplishment, and I love the idea of a wonderful physical reward after such an amazing physical effort you put forth to do your Everest Base Camp trek – it’s perfect! Plus it just seems like there is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than pampering yourself at a Spa. You come away feeling 1000% better. :)
    .-= Trisha Miller´s last blog ..To Be Successful at Writing, Make Time to Write =-.

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  3. Alison

    Oh what a great way to reward yourselves! I’m not sure if you guys will make it to Belgium this time around,but if you do I think you would love Spa. It’s one of my favourite places in Belgium (with a name like Spa how can you go wrong.) ‘ve written about the thermes here http://cheeseweb.eu/2007/01/a-source-of-indulgence/ If you head north of Paris at all it’s definitely worth a visit!
    .-= Alison´s last blog ..Visiting Kew Gardens – London, England =-.

    1. davendeb

      Ooh, I would love to go to Spa! You are right the name says it all. we won’t get to Belgium this time. We are heading south. We have been to Belgium before, but we never made it to Spa. It gives us a reason to come back now!

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  7. Tanner Puckett

    You were very lucky. I just had a miserable experience at the Himalaya Retreat Spa. It was the 4th time I had gone and happen to have one bad massage… the woman was talking to her friend the whole time, was coughing over me, and had a sharp nail that scratched me numerous times.

    I circled “ok” on the survey of how I enjoyed the treatment and the manager brought me back into his office and not only did not refund any money, but he brought the woman in and proceeded to berate her in front of me. The manager is a TERRIBLE PERSON and not only yelled at her, but yelled at me for nearly 30 minutes about how I messed up by not walking out in the middle of the massage. I told him I would tell my friends not to come there and he threatened to call the police! There are many many good massage places in Thamel and I think this one should be avoided.

    1. debndave Post author

      I’m sorry you had a bad experience. Ours really was awesome so we highly recommend it. It is good to get both perspectives though. Hopefully that manager was fired. When we were there, they were nothing but kind, welcoming and friendly.

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