wall of guitars at hard rock cafe in New York City

Hard Rock Cafe New York City

Hard Rock Café hotels are hot here in South East Asia.  In Penang we went for a walk just to look at the pool and dip our feet it’s sandy bottom. Yes, the Hard Rock Hotel’s pool in Penang is filled with Sand. Just like the beach.

In Phuket we popped over to the Hard Rock just to check out what Rock Memorabilia they had here in Thailand.

We love Hard Rock Cafes. Dave has many a T-Shirt from Around the World.

We always stop into a Hard Rock Wherever we go. Be it Barcelona in Spain or Cozumel Mexico whenever we spot the good old Hard Rock Cafe, we make a quick turn to check it out.

The Most Memorable Hard Rock display we’ve seen though wes in New York City.   Their wall of guitars is impressive.

I know it’s sounds cheesy, but I would love to spend a few days at a Hard Rock Hotel. We have never stayed over in one, but one day we may have to splurge and break the budget on a weekend getaway.

For now, we can dream of Rock n Roll Heaven and drool over the wall of guitars.

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  1. Benny

    Hard rock cafe (and hotel) is very famous in Bali, so famous that pepole will line up to take picture in front of it. And I remember someone put up a blog post of 10 things not to do in Bali, one of them is NOT to take pictur in Hard rock bali :p

    Anyway, if you travel to Bali, I don’t think the hotel will make you broke. Room are often on sale with raet less tha US$100 per night. Hotel is bit old, though

    1. davendeb

      I think we took a picture of it. Yes, we were one of those people:-) $100 US per night isn’t that bad. For people on a trip for a week or two, that is very affordable. Wow, who knew?!

    1. davendeb

      Thanks Benny. We walked by the Hard Rock when we were in Bali in 2004. We were even on a tighter budget then backpacking around SE Asia. I think that we couldn’t even afford the day pass to go into the pool:) It looks awesome though. I think it is the coolest Hard Rock Hotel out there if I am not mistaken.

  2. David

    I celebrated my 21st birthday at the Hard Rock in London during my first overseas trip. Hard for me to believe that was 25 years ago! Thanks for taking me back to that memory.

  3. Kirsten

    Very cool image, I really love it not just from a photography perspective (the composition is terrific)
    but as a music addict too, it really speaks to me!

    1. davendeb

      Awesome you like it Kirsten. We’re music addicts too so that wall was awesome to see. I used to have a Fender Stratocaster and attempted to play guitar. I wasn’t great, but looked really cool.

  4. soultravelers3

    Funny, in 5 years of non-stop world travel, we haven’t stopped in one Hard Rock Cafe although
    we have passed by quite a few in Europe, USA and Asia…including the one in NYC.

    Different strokes for different folks, which is part of the joy of travel, each can tweak it to
    their own style. ;)

    Lovely photo! We DO see a lot of instruments as we travel so enjoy that & we might be the fist to
    be doing a RTW trip schlepping a piano & violin with us as we travel. ;)

  5. Amy @ The Q Family

    We love HRC. We collect HRC pins so we tried to stop by there every chance we get.

    Our favorite HRC so far is in Beijing. We visited there over 10 years ago and the energy was completely different from what we experience in Beijing. I thought we were in a dance club in Bangkok or NYC instead of China. So much fun!

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