Wall of Guitars, Snapshot Sunday

wall of guitars at hard rock cafe in New York City

Hard Rock Cafe New York City

Hard Rock Café hotels are hot here in South East Asia.  In Penang we went for a walk just to look at the pool and dip our feet it’s sandy bottom. Yes, the Hard Rock Hotel’s pool in Penang is filled with Sand. Just like the beach.

In Phuket we popped over to the Hard Rock just to check out what Rock Memorabilia they had here in Thailand.

We love Hard Rock Cafes. Dave has many a T-Shirt from Around the World.

We always stop into a Hard Rock Wherever we go. Be it Barcelona in Spain or Cozumel Mexico whenever we spot the good old Hard Rock Cafe, we make a quick turn to check it out.

The Most Memorable Hard Rock display we’ve seen though wes in New York City.   Their wall of guitars is impressive.

I know it’s sounds cheesy, but I would love to spend a few days at a Hard Rock Hotel. We have never stayed over in one, but one day we may have to splurge and break the budget on a weekend getaway.

For now, we can dream of Rock n Roll Heaven and drool over the wall of guitars.

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