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Vacation Deprivation by Country

Did you know that the French take 30 days of Vacation time a year? As a matter a fact, most European countries give their employees 25 – 30 days of vacation each year! North Americans get two weeks a year on average, but surprisingly only take 10 out of a possible 14 days off. At least we aren’t as bad as the Japanese, their nation’s average vacation time is 13 days, but most people only take off 5 of them. What’s up with all the workaholics? Why don’t people take all their vacation time that they’re allowed?

vacation deprivation statistics

Map of Countries by Vacation Time

State of Mind

In Europe, people think of their vacation as a duty, it’s a part of their work schedule. A break from work isn’t a perk, it’s a right. Studies show that a healthy balance of life and work make for happier employees. Expedia.com knows this, they even conducted a study to understand vacation deprivation better. Read more of their study here, you’ll also find links and great tips to save money on your next vacation.

Win a seven nights stay at the All Inclusive Larimar Hotel, Punta Cana - in Punta Cana including meals, drinks and airfare!

When we visited the Expedia headquarters last year, they talked about how they encourage all their staff to take their maximum vacation time. They know that a relaxed and happy employee generates productivity and they want to encourage the rest of the nation to follow suit and that is why the’re holding a contest to give away a seven night stay at the All Inclusive Larimar Hotel, Punta Cana - in Punta Cana including meals, drinks and airfare!

vacation deprivation giveawaypunta cana with Expedia

The Planet D is hosting this event and we want one of you to win this amazing vacation package redeemable through September 15, 2014.

Pinterest and ThePlanetD

theplanetd on pinterest

Pinterest is all the rage right now and we and Expedia know that everyone loves to share their travel photos with the world. So, here’s your chance to show off your photos and have the chance to win big! We want to know, If you took all your vacation time, where would you go?

Pinterest is fun and interactive and you have until the end of the month to build a beautiful Pinterest board that fits with the theme, Vacation Deprivation. Think about the question, “If you took all your vacation time, where would you go?” Here’s an example to get you started. We decided that if we could do anything that we’d ever want to do for two weeks (the Canadian Average vacation time) We’d revisit some of our favourite cities on earth. Click Here to See our Pinterest Board to give you some inspiration.

How to Enter

Once you’ve come up with a theme to your board, you will need to do the following:

  • Follow ThePlanetD and Expedia on Pinterest.
  • Create a new Pinterest board called Expedia’s Vacation Deprivation.
  • Pin at least 10 travel photos to your board.
  • Tag each of the pins with #ExpediaThePlanetD
  • Share your board on Pinterest, tweet it, share it on facebook and get people to like your pins! The more likes and shares, the better!
  • Send an email to expedia@hlgrp.com Which includes your name, city, state/province, country and the web url of your Pinterest Board.

Contest Closes November 30, 2012 so let’s get pinning now!

Winners will be chosen by the following:
  • Number of Repins to photos in the Find Yours Pinterest board (25%).
  • Number of Likes to photos in the Find Yours Pinterest board (25%).
  • How well the Find Yours Pinterst board reflects your chosen theme (50%)-
This isn’t a random draw, if you work hard and put some thought and energy into your boards and get your friends to help you out, you have a great shot. good luck everyone, let us know where your board is by posting a link below. Everyone stopping by will have a chance to view it and give it a like too.
By the Way: I am happy to announce that Canadians are a nation who takes every single day given to us alongside The English, Danish, French, Norwegian, Singaporean, Spanish and Swedish citizens. We know how to vacation baby! Now we just need more than two lousy weeks!

So let’s get the rest of the world taking their full vacation time, it’s not something that is a perk, it’s needed to keep everyone happy and sane. So, let us know, where would you go?

Please see Terms and Conditions for full contest rules.

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  1. kami

    here in Poland we have 26 days off per year and we’re actually forced by our employers to plan them a year ahead (which is crazy and I never take my days off when they’re planned) and we’re also force by the law to have at least one 2-weeks long holidays from work each year

    1. debndave Post author

      Wow! That’s amazing what an excellent amount of days for a vacation. I love that you have to take 2 weeks at a time at least once as well. I always find I need the first week just to unwind and then I am ready to relax by week two. Planning a year ahead is a bit difficult though, I agree.

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  3. Clay

    Wow, work-life balance is so important, I’m pretty sure that if they took their holidays instead of trying to work more, workers would be more productive in the end…

    1. debndave Post author

      Good luck Clay, Asia is close to our hearts. The entire continent is such a great place to visit :) Do you have anywhere in particular you want to go to there?

    2. debndave Post author

      Well said Clay! I remember the CEO of Expedia saying something similar to us when we met with them last year. They are a company who encourages their employees to take time off and other companies should follow suit. I know that when Dave and I were in the work force, something extraordinary always happened to us after we took an extended travel. We always took a chance by leaving (since we were freelance and could easily be replaced) but something great always happened when we came home.

    1. debndave Post author

      I love that you would recreate your memories. It’s a wonderful gift to be able to travel with your loved one. Great itinerary. We haven’t been to Macau yet, but after the latest James Bond, I totally want to go. Just to walk through the casinos and see all the ultra rich living their lives that I could never possibly be able to relate to.

    1. debndave Post author

      Good for Australia! That would explain why we see them wherever we go in the world. Australians are always the happiest, most relaxed and well travelled. We should all follow their lead.

  4. Michelle Grimes


    I call this board “East-Bound and Un-Wound”… we head to the Atlantic provinces every few years in the summer to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The ocean, fresh air, friendly faces and simple, natural setting combine to make for a relaxing getaway that restores the spirit. And no passport required. Always worth returning!

    1. Michelle Grimes

      Oops! Forgot to mention that all our photos on our entry are original shots we took ourselves … no repinning.

      1. debndave Post author

        Well done Michelle. That is exactly what we did too. It was the reason we decided to re-visit places that ignited our wanderlust. Best of luck!

    2. debndave Post author

      Love it. It’s the best to be able to travel through your own country. We are embarrassed to say, we haven’t been to the East Coast yet. It’s high on our list, Your board may inspire us to get our butts there once and for all. Thanks for entering.

    1. debndave Post author

      We live in Canada too and you are so right. I know so many people who don’t take their holidays. It took my brother Rob years to finally relax. He didn’t used to take any holidays and loved his work. Now he makes sure to go away twice a year and has grown to love their vacations. Antarctica is amazing. I know that Quark Expeditions is having a two for one and 50% off sale right now. Just thought I’d throw that in;)

  5. Exploring Morocco

    Interesting point about vacation time. In the USA, i used to have 15 days including weekend. I don’t think that is enough, but we have to take a full advantage of what we get, otherwise we won’t feel it!

      1. Raleah

        Hope i’m not getting disqualified. How do we stop others from repinning, since it ended yesterday?

    1. debndave Post author

      Hi Arti. India is a great country to be able to travel through. Our favourite places were Kerala and Punjab. But it is so huge, there is still so much more to see. We really want to get to the far north and travel through the Himalaya.

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  7. Shalu

    I just followed you on Pinterest. Pinterest is going strong, its a good platform. We all know that photos speak for themselves. No wonder more and more people are going on it.

  8. Jen

    So excited for this! I have a feeling my boyfriend is saving for something small and sparkly, so no vacations for a long time. Check out my board on my Latin America dream trip for The PlanetD Expedia Vacation Deprivation. Expedia Vacation Deprivation

    1. debndave Post author

      Congratulations Jen! What an exciting time for you and your boyfriend. Good luck on fulfilling the Latin America dream trip. Maybe you’ll have a honeymoon on the horizon.:)

  9. Julie

    This is an amazing contest! Thank you. So excited and grateful for the to opportunity enter. My board theme is dreams. We have two young kids that love to travel and we often make “travel dream boards” at home (no pinning involved- only notebooks). Entering your contest was a treat for me as I was able to consider my own personal travel dreams. I’ve also included a few pics/posts from our past travels. Thanks again!


    1. debndave Post author

      That is a wonderful idea. I love “Travel Dream Boards” Pinterest is so amazing to let us all be able to do it online and share it with our friends and family. I am happy that you were able to consider your own travel dreams. Good luck!

    1. debndave Post author

      Wow! Congratulations Ashley. That was the length of our first real vacation two. Nearly 5 weeks and it changed our lives. I find that an experience like that can really inspire a person to live life to the fullest. Sounds like an amazing trip.

    1. debndave Post author

      That is awesome that it inspired that wanderlust urge Kami! I love that about Pinterest, It can really get the creative juices flowing.

    1. debndave Post author

      Goog luck Michelle. We were just in the Galapagos for the first time this year and it was amazing. Easter Island is at the top of our list too!

    1. debndave Post author

      Thanks for sharing the link, and so glad you could enter, I know the feeling about having problems with your computer, but I see you have more than enough photos up there.

    1. debndave Post author

      That would be a beautiful vacation. It’s important to know where your family came from. South Africa is beautiful too. What I love about travel is that you get a history lesson, but it doesn’t feel like school. It’s amazing for kids to see the world. They learn by doing and retain everything that they have seen rather than sitting in a classroom hearing about it. It’s Wonderful!

  10. kayla p

    This is an awesome contest. If I could go anywhere on vacation. It would be to Peru. I think its the most amazing place on the planet. Nothing is more fascinating than the amazing structures and cultures built so far from known civilizations. Also the built difficult structures without even using mortar between stones. I would want to visit macchu pichu and the city of cuzco.

    My boyfriend and I were supposed to vacation about two weeks ago but he was injured at work chipping debris from hurricane sandy. We were supposed to go on a cruise to the bahamas but had to cancel last minute due to his injuries. He really wants to go to the carribean. I do too but if I had to pick my dream vacation it would be the beautiful but expensive trip to Peru lol!


    1. debndave Post author

      Hi Lisa, thank you for your entry. Very sorry to hear about your boyfriend. What a great guy though, helping to get everything back on track after hurricane Sandy. I hope he is ok and well soon! You chose well. I think dream trips are exactly just that. A dream. You put it on the wish list and it will happen one day. Dave and I did that 10 years ago. We wrote down our dream destinations thinking we’d never be able to go and here we are. We’re proof that dreaming can turn into reality. Best of luck!

      1. Kayla P

        Thanks for the concern. Thats exactly what we did. We made a long list of dream dstinations, with peru at the top lol! Hoping to get to the all.

    1. debndave Post author

      Ooh, nice. I love a culinary travel. We spent the summer in Europe and ate a lot. Our bellies are the proof! I think that is why we chose to revisit countries for their delectable food on our Pinterest board as well. Best of luck!

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    1. debndave Post author

      Haha, you said it. Just the other day we were answering emails on a saturday and wondered why nobody was replying. Then we said, “Oh yeah, normal people aren’t working today!”

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