We have StumbledUpon sites in both Paris and Barcelona and it was time to put on our not so new StumbleUpon T-shirts and take them on an adventure.

If there is one cool and unique adventure to do in this part of the world it is to tackle a Via Ferrata.

We are going to be writing more about our time in Digne Les Bains but for now enjoy our shots of Dave and Deb StumblingUpon the Via Ferrata, Rocks of Nine Hours in Haute Provence, France.

Just outside the charming town of Dignes Les Bains there is a via Ferrata and it just so happens to be at our campsite.  There was no way we were leaving France without tackling our first Via Ferrata and now we are hooked. We can’t wait to find another.

If you have never rock climbed before but have always wanted to see what it is like to hang off of the side of a cliff a Via Ferrata is for you.  It has all the thrill of rock climbing without needing the skill of mountaineering.  No need for technique here. Just rent a harness and clip yourself into cables as you climb ladders and scale bridges through a high route.

If you do not have any climbing experience, we highly recommend hiring a guide for your first Via Feratta.  You need to know how to wear a harnessproperly, how to clip yourself onto the cables and you need to feel confident dangling at dizzying heights.

So, the next time your in France, try a Via Ferrata!


Start of Via Ferrata in France

Nepali Bridge over head of Via Ferrata

route for dignes les bains via ferrata

scaling rock of via ferrata

sign post to via ferrata in france

french alps in background of via ferrata

Views of the French Alps from the Via Ferrata!

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    1. davendeb

      How was Kinabalu? That was one of our first climbs ever and it hooked us on mountaineering. They didn’t have the Via Ferrata then, (or we never noticed it anyway) The great thing about this Via Ferrata was that it is free! I think that most of them are in France, Spain and Italy unless you hire a guide (which we highly recommend if you have never climbed before) But even then, I think the guide at this Via Ferrata was only 59 Euro at the Tourist office. I think that the Kinabalu one is the highest in the world! That gives me a reason to go back to Borneo, yeah!

    1. davendeb

      Very cool Candice. We didn’t know about a Via Ferrata either. It is a fun way to climb. It is safe and easy if not a little scary:-)

    1. davendeb

      Hi Leigh, we only did the one Via Ferrata but definitely want to do more. Maybe we will do a trip around Europe following the route of Via Ferratas. That would be a fun adventure!

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