We are still traveling in Europe with our StumbleUpon T-shirts and this time we are seeing the sites in Barcelona.  A very photo friendly city. It has been fun putting ourselves into our photos and sharing them with the Stumbleupon community.

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From the street performers on the lively street La Rambla to the top of Barri Gothic Cathedral;  At Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia to the Columbus monument at the Waterfront, we stumbled our way all over the beautiful and vibrant city of Barcelona.

A big thanks to Monica for sending us the shirts. Don’t we look fabulous?!  ;-)

The Street performers were awesome!

The Street performers were awesome!

La Rambla, an active and exciting street stretching from Barcelona’s main Square Catalunya all the way to the waterfront.


We StumbledUpon lots of construction at Bari Gothic!

The top of Barcelona’s Gothic Cathedral.  Under construction until 2011.

Even Gaudi could not escape this Stumbling Duo!

Even Gaudi could not escape this Stumbling Duo!

Antoni Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia.  Still being constructed 130 years after breaking ground.

Deb does her bes Colubus impersonation!

Deb does her best Columbus impersonation!

It was here that Columbus made his triumphant return to Spain from his first voyage to the Americas

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  3. Hotel Camp Nou

    Hi all,

    It looks you´ll have to wait until the Sagrada Familia Church is finished, hehehe.

    Antonio Gaudí left a huge project for his followers. He started on 19th March 1882 and there is no date for its final.

    Nowadays Sagrada Familia is defining the interior hall (the vault, apse…). I hope you´ll be able to see a bit more in your next trip to Barcelona.


    1. debndave Post author

      Haha, yes, we’ll come back some day soon, or should I say far far in the future. Yes, we’ll try to check more out when we come back to Barcelona. A beautiful city.

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