11 of the Best Things to do in Dublin, Ireland

If you are lucky enough to find yourself on the Ireland one day, you are bound to visit Dublin. Here are our top recommendations of the best things to do in Dublin.

Things to do in Dublin

The 10 Best Things to do in Dublin

Dublin is the nation’s capital city and it’s a town filled with culture, beauty and history. We’ve been to Dublin twice in our lives. Once to kick off our drive along the Wild Atlantic Way and the Second to start off before Exploring Northern Ireland.  and had the chance to take a couple of tours and explore on our own. While there is still a lot more to see and do, we think that this round up will give you a great start to planning your Dublin vacation. Visit Ireland laddies and lassies, you won’d regret it.

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Best things to do in Dublin:

Guinness Storehouse

Best things to do in Dublin

One of the Best things to do in Dublin, Have a Pint of Guinness

A trip to Dublin wouldn’t be complete without the taste of a pure Guinness. It really does taste better in Ireland! Covering 50 acres the Guinness factory is a major part of Dublin. It’s amazing to walk through the area to learn that Guinness provided housing and jobs for much of the residents of Dublin. You can tour the storehouse and have a sample on the rooftop patio. It is the premiere thing to do in Dublin. Visit the Guinness Storehouse for the ultimate Guinness Tasting Session

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Ha’Penny Bridge

things to do in Dublin

The Ha’ Penny Bridge

The Ha’Penny Bridge is a pedestrian Bridge connecting the two sides of the River Liffey. When it was originally built, it cost  half a pence to cross, hence the name Ha Penny Bridge. Before this bridge was built, people used to cross the river using ferries. Today there are many bridges crossing to each side, but this was the original and most significant historically. Make sure to seek out the Ha’Penny bridge, it’s truly one of the main things to do in Dublin.

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Temple Bar

Music and fun in the Temple Bar District, Dublin.

Music and fun in the Temple Bar District, Dublin.

One of the absolute must things to do in Dublin. Temple Bar is a lively area on the South Bank of the River Liffey. It’s party time here with several pubs and clubs waiting to serve you a good time. Talented street musicians perform and play tunes and it is always busy and crowded. Don’t make the mistake of staying in the area, you’ll never get a good night’s sleep. But there is more to Temple Bar than just a party, many of Dublin’s cultural institutions have set up shop here including the Irish Film Institute, The Irish Photography Centre and Even the Irish Stock Exchange.

Newman University Church

The beauty of the Newman University Church, Dublin.

The beauty of the Newman University Church, Dublin.

When considering things to do in Dublin, take a walking tour to find hidden gems. Our guide took us to a hidden gem that even many Dubliners don’t know about. The Newman University Church is a small yet beautiful and tranquil church. It’s filled with colourful motifs, lattice work, and paintings. As a non religious person myself, I have a difficult time explaining what I see in a church and I am no different with Newman University Church, all I know is that it was beautiful and a lovely stop on our walking tour. See more at the University Church

Croke Park

Croke Park is the third largest stadium in all of Europe. Visit the GAA Museum for everything Gaelic Games and its history and take the Etihad Skyline Tour Walk! This rooftop walk takes you 44 metres high for a birds eye view of the hurling field and great panoramic city views of Dublin Ireland.

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Painted Doors

The Painted Doors of Dublin, Ireland

The Painted Doors of Dublin, Ireland

In the 1700s a building boom occurred in Dublin and construction began on what is known as the Georgian period. There is one street that still has the longest Georgian style architecture in Dublin. It is said that back in the day, many a drunk Irishman walked into the wrong house after a night at the pub. This led to people painting their doors different bright colours to distinguish themselves from each other.

National Gallery

The National Gallery in Dublin.

The National Gallery in Dublin.

Make sure to include museums and galleries when considering what things to do in Dublin. Admission to the National Gallery is free and if you like art, you will enjoy this. It houses an extensive collection of Irish and European art, and it’s located right in the heart of the city. For more information visit the Dublin National Gallery

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Trinity College

Inside Trinity College, Dublin.

Inside Trinity College, Dublin.

Trinity College makes for a beautiful stroll on a sunny afternoon. Dating back to 1592, Trinity College is Ireland’s oldest university and the historic buildings, gardens and monuments are worth a visit. What it’s most famous for is its library housing the Book of Kells. It was written in 800 AD by a group of monks and was buried in the ground for safe keeping against the Vikings. In the 1600’s it was rediscovered and sent to Trinity College for safekeeping where it has been ever since. When mentioning things to do in Ireland, everyone always asks about the Book of Kells.

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Botanical Gardens

Cheery Blossoms bloom in the Botanical Gardens.

Cheery Blossoms bloom in the Botanical Gardens.

For serenity, a visit to the Botanical Gardens just 3 km outside the city is another pleasant afternoon idea. Entrance if free and it is famous for the wrought iron glass houses.

Oscar Wilde’s House

The home of Oscar Wilde in Dublin.

The home of Oscar Wilde in Dublin.

At the address of No. 1 Merrion Square you’ll see the childhood home of Oscar Wilde. Be sure to look in the park across the street to see the statue of the famous writer and poet, Oscar Wilde.

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Go to a Pub

You have to visit an Irish Pub!

You have to visit an Irish Pub!

If you really want a feel for Dublin, you must visit one of the many historic pubs. I think visiting the pubs is one of the most memorable things to do in Dublin. (if you don’t drink too much that is – then you might not remember a thing!) Enjoy a pint of beer and have a chat with the locals. You’ll feel that you have stepped back in time and leave with a warm a fuzzy feeling all over.

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Dublin is a lovely city that we found to be best enjoyed by foot. Walk along the River Liffey, get lost in the maze of streets and enjoy the atmosphere and energy. Once you’ve visited Dublin you’ll fall in love with the Irish way of life and want to come back again and again.

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