Morning dew on a Purple Cloud


Morning Dew on an Agapanthus Purple Cloud in New Zealand

It was a rainy day when we pulled into Franz Joseph Glacier in New Zealand. We were supposed to go ice climbing but the weather was not on our side. It rained all night but I was awoken buy a ray of sunlight streaming into our camper van.  As I pulled back the curtains I saw that the sky had cleared and the sun was rising over the mountains. A glorious site.

I grabbed my camera and tripod to head up to get some photos of the glacier from a vantage point in our campsite. On my way up a flash of purple caught my eye. As I looked around I was taken aback by the beauty of this purple flower called the Agapanthus Purple Cloud dripping with the reminants of last nights rains.

The sun was catching it just right. The droplets of rain combined with the early morning sun made for the perfect shot.

So as you rise this morning enjoy this peaceful image of the Agapanthus Purple Cloud and start off your morning right.

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